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B = Blatt=Worksheet, 
U= Excercise book 
Pru = Test
GB: Green Book
Frei = no assignment or school
R=sections in back of book

See Google Classroom for Final Exam description, dates and study suggestions.

8 Mai
Deutsch I
Speaking Final begins Montag

Deutsch II
Speaking Final begins Dienstag

Deutsch III os

Summer Work 2017
Assignments are also posted on google classroom
Students entering Deutsch II (optional work)
Students may complete an optional summer review.
1. Duolingo:$
Sign up at above address and use your school google e-mail. I will be able to see your progress.
2. Conjugemous. You should already have your log in and passwork. Do the activities as many times as you would like. Aim for 90% or higher.  I will also see your progress here.
2. Quizlet

Student entering German III Honors (Required)
Students were given a description of their work before they left along with packets. #1 and #2 should be mailed into the school. (post-marked by due date) #3 is to be completed on-line.

Students will be 
1. Reading a book and filling out a sheet for each chapter.
2. Listening to 14 episodes from a diary and completing the work that goes with the episodes. (Click on links below for the listening portions.
3. Completing on-line review through*

Hoerverstandnis:  Tagebuch

1. Juli     (p. 6,7)
2. Juli     (pp. 10,11)
3. Juli     (pp. 14,15)
4 Juli,     (pp.18,19) 
Juli       (pp. 22,23)  
6Juli      (pp. 26,27)
 Juli    (pp.30,31)
8 Juli     (pp. 34,35)
9 Juli      (pp. 38,39)
10 Juli    (pp. 44,45)
11 Juli    (pp.48, 49,52,53)
12Juli    (pp.56,57)
13 Juli    (pp. 60,61)
14 Juli    (pp. 64,65,68,69))

*For summer work students will have to use the website Our school ID is 44246.  if you have lost or forgotten your password, sign-up for a new account.Make sure to put yourself in German 3! You may do the activities a maximum of 4 times. I will take the highest score on the due dates

Aufgabe #1
1. Tagebuch. 
Hört die Tagebuch fur 1. Juli-4 Juli. Macht die schriftliche Aktivitäten für diese Tage.* (Ganze Saetze!)
2. Fast stirbt er  
Lest Kapiteln 1-3 . Zusammenfassung Blatt pro Kapitel
3. Conjugemous. 
Macht Aktivitäten 1-3 . Macht die Aktivitäten nicht mehr als 4 Mal. Ich nehme die beste Note für diese Aktivitäten am 22 Juni.

Aufgabe #2
1. Tagebuch: 5 Juli-9 Juli. *
2. Fast Stirbt er: Kapiteln 4-6: Zusammenfassung Blatt pro Kapitel
 3. Conjugemous: 4,5,6

Aufgabe #3
1. Hannas Tagebuch:10-14*
2. Fast stirbt er: Kapiteln 7-10, Zusammenfassung Blätter

Students entering AP Deutsch (Required)
Students were given a desription of their work in May along with packets. The guidance department has extra packets for students.Description also shared via google.

Students will be
1. Reading 2 stories and writing summaries. Turn in via google
2.Creating 3  google slide shows  about AP themes.
3.Listening to some podcasts and writing summaries or doing some needed grammar review through conjuguemous.

Podcasts (Click on podcast below)
Gesundheits System
Wohnungen Mieten
Hans und Sophie Scholl
Deutsche Autos

All assignments are subject to change. Students, please pay attention to extra instructions given in class and what is posted on the board. If you are in class, you will be held accountable for assignments discussed in class.