Deutsch Verein
(German Club)

German Club was designed to be a social as well as a civic organization.

Some of the Social Activities:
~Oktoberfest:  an in class celebration during the month of October.  Students prepare German and Austrian desserts and German Club furnished Brats and Sauerkraut
~Holiday party/gift exchange.  
~Film Nights: We watch movies in German, members eat free pizza
~Roller Skating
~Club T-Shirt.  German Club members get a discount on the T-Shirts which is designed by a German Club Member.
~MAIFEST!!!!! This is an end of the year celebration for all German students and their families.  Students prepare food, decorate the cafeteria and put on a 'talent' show for their families.  Organizations/Students in the German Program are honored at this carry-in dinner

Civic Activities 
~Singing on the Square during Christmas on the Square
~Caroling in  local neighborhoods.
~Donations to the Renaissance Program at the High School
~Scholarships to a graduating senior who is planning on majoring or minoring in German.
~Scholarship to students traveling overseas during the summer.