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Big Walnut and the Friendship Connection

Every year students have the opportunity to participate in a program called the Friendship Connection.  Big Walnut German students host a high school student from Germany for a month.  During the summer, the Big Walnut students then visit the family of their host brother of sister for a month.

Click here for more information about The Friendship Connection
Rita und Jana 2004

Brigitte und Arina
Cristel und Laetitia
Olaf und Jan
Front Row Left to right: Melissa Miller, Julia Auweiler,Nils-Arne Herold,Niklas Platzek, Lisa-Jasmin Bopf, Lisa Siewertsen
Back row: Megan Raab,  Peter Mueller,  Zach Wagner, Owen Kieffer-Jones, Drew Billard, Jordan Stanley
Exchange students from row from left to right:Luisa Hasenauer staying with Kelly Saunders,  Mira Stockmann staying with Cassie Baker, Svetlana Matveeva staying with Virginia Rasche, Phillip Bratsch staying with Zach Wagner, Jenny Storbeck staying with Katie Yates, Sophie Berns staying with Sam Stambaugh, Martina Gamer staying with Lydia Seabrook
Otto und Daniel
Mizzi und Martina
Klara und Luisa
Exchange students and their partners 2013