I.  Advanced Placement German /College Credit
Taking Advanced Placement German: German is the only world language at Big Walnut to have an Advanced Placement (AP) Course. After successful completion of German III, students may sign-up for AP German.  

II. How do students at Big Walnut do on the AP Test
AP German has been offered at Big Walnut for 17 years.   Here is the break down of AP German tests scores on the National Test for AP German over the past nine years. 

of students for the past 15 years have scored a '3' or better on the AP German test.  ( A '3' is considered proficient) See below for further grade break downs.

The Grade of '5':22.61%
The Grade of '4':45.22%
The Grade of '3':26.95%
The Grade of '2':5.21%
The Grade of '1' :0%

A '5' is the highest score on an AP test.  A '3' is considered 'proficient'. Colleges and universities deal differently with AP scores. Some automatically give credit based on an AP score of '3' or higher while others simply give advanced placement in courses. 

Big Walnut's Grading Policy for AP German
Grades for Advanced Placement German (AP) are weighted differently with regards to grade point average. Students who earn an 'A' in AP German, receive 5 points towards their overall GPA. Students who earn a 'B', receive 4 points towards their overall GPA.

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Click here to see how the college or university of your choice grants credit or advanced placement with regards to AP scores.

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College Placement/Advanced Placement
Here is a list of colleges and universities attended by Big Walnut Grads and the type of placement or credit they received after having German at Big Walnut High School.  Don't forget to read quotes below from several German Program graduates! 

College/University   Advanced Placement/Credit 
Kent State                  14 semester hours
Ohio State                  8-15 semester hours
Miami University         placement into junior year courses
Denison                      2nd semester sophomore/junior year courses
Otterbein                     excused from foreign language requirement
Eastern Michigan        2nd semester sophomore/junior year placement
Ohio Wesleyan            2nd semester sophomore year placement
University of Toledo     junior year placement
DePauw University      2nd semester sophomore/junior year placement
Ohio Northern              24 credit hours
University of CincinnatiJunior year placement

Quotes from German Program Graduates:
“The rigor of Big Walnut’s German program provided me with a fluency that most students don’t have upon entering college. The German Program has opened so many doors for me, and I have found something that I’m really passionate about. I know that as I continue with my education and eventual career, my experience with the German language and culture will continue to shape me as an individual and the way I choose to experience the world around me.”
Lindsey Adams, BWHS Class of 2013
University of Chicago

“I was nervous going into German class at first. But I ended up being much more prepared and was able to do really well in the class. My preparation from my high school German gave me the boost of confidence that really made the difference during my first year of college.”
Katie Berger, BWHS Class of 2012
Ohio Wesleyan

”After taking German at Big Walnut for four years, I was not only prepared for German but was advanced as a freshmen at Wittenberg. German is my easiest course and I can always count on getting an A! As a sophomore now, I only have one more class to take before completing my German major. A year and a half ahead of schedule!“
Don Hutchison, Class of 2011
Wittenberg University

"After studying German for 4 years and taking the AP test, I placed into junior level classes at Miami University. I am one of the few freshmen in the course."
Wolfie Sextion, Class of 2009
Miami University

We read the same book in AP German at BW as I did for a course at Ohio state!
Lili Seabrook, BWHS Class of 2008
The Ohio State University

"After four years of studying German at Big Walnut, I took Otterbein College's German Placement test.  I placed out of Otterbein's foreign language requirement and into the highest level of German offered. Not bad."
Wolfgang Bradley, BWHS Class of 2003
Otterbein College

"I have 20 credit hours of German, and I only had to take one class!  Pass this along to the kids in your classes!  I started out my college 'career' with credit for 3 classes I never had to take, which needless to say ROCKS!"
Sara Witter, BWHS Class of 2000
The Ohio State University

"I tested into German 212, second semester sophomore German, and I got credit for the first semester sophomore German I placed out of.  I'm not taking German 307... so, all I need now is two more credits for a minor - I'm really excited."
Mary Evans, BWHS Class of 2000
DePauw University, Indiana

"If a student has taken the AP test they go by that grade.  I received 25 credit hours for a '4'. I was pleased."
Colin Vent, BWHS Class of 2000
The Ohio State University

"I was the only person with just three years of pre-college German to go directly into the the 254 class."
Dan Strohl, BWHS Class of 1997
Ohio Wesleyan

"This fall I tested into/was placed in German 311.  I am now in German 331, and I should be finished with my minor by the end of my sophomore year."
Emily Walton, BWHS Class of 2000
Miami University
(Frau Emily Combs is now a German teacher at Teays Valley High School)