Students in the Big Walnut German Program have 2 opportunities to travel overseas:

1. Tours of Germany and Austria
2. Participation in the Friendship Connection Exchange

​1.  Tours of Germany and Austria
Every 2 years Frau Craig takes s group of students on a 9-10 day tour of Germany and Austria.

Cities and Sights we have visited during past tours:
The Concentration Camp, Dachau
Castles/Palaces:  Neuschwanstein, Linderhof, 
Herrenchiemsee, Nymphenburg
Zugspitze:  highest peak in Germany
Salzburg:  the Saltmines, Mozart's place of birth
Rothenburg:  St. Jakob's Church
Berlin: Check Point Charlie

Click here for cool trip pictures (click on year) 
2007,  2009,  2011,  2013,  2015 

2. The Friendship Connection Exchange Program

Traveling to Germany and Austria